Top and Best iOS Apps to Try out in 2017

Most of you have iPhone or other iOS device and now you are looking for some of the top and popular apps that you can start using on your iOS device.
Best iOS Apps
Hey folks, in this article we are going to share the top and best iOS apps that you can try in 2017 on your iOS device. So let's get started and check out these amazing apps list:


Everyday we need to access geo restricted content. Sometimes you want to watch country specific videos on YouTube or internet like Spotify & Netflix. So in these cases, X-VPN is highly recommended and best choice for you. You can change your location from the app location settings easily.

There are many countries available which are free to access using X VPN. Also you have a private browser to check VPN Access right away and you have a privacy zone where you can store your private photos and videos. The premium version of this app will give you access to more virtual networks and also you will be annoyed with the advertisements. Here you can learn how to Install GBA4iOS on iOS 10 without any error.


This app will prevent the ads from online videos, pop up and web ads. You can also prevent ads pop ups and cookies on safari. You can also upgrade to full version to block ads on all apps and games and activate other features as well.

Photoshop Fix

For photo editing, Photoshop Fix is a great choice. This app has some great tools like adjustments, healing and other powerful tools like on the desktop version of the photoshop. We admire adobe for creating this simple yet powerful photo editing application


 Trigraphy is another amazing photo editing application for iOS users.  If you want to apply artistic effects, filters, colors and other adjustments, then you can get all these things in this application.

Photo Investigator

We sometimes needed a little more details like image size and other information. This app comes handy when the receiver doesn't support huge images on their servers.


This is an automation tool that can be used for regular actions you do regularly like calling, tweeting, sending a message etc. We highly recommend you to try this simple automation tool which is pretty simple. Just drag the action you want on your workflow  and that's it. Then you can access the workflow as a widget or force touch on the app icon.


In most scenarios we would say this is an app that can replace your default camera. The UI is really impressive as well. You have all the different camera modes here from time-lapse manual mode to fancy modes like magic color, beauty mode etc. You even get some filters as well. Interestingly you also have a video editor while on the app which is really cool. We can say Musemage is an all rounder iOS application.

Zedge Wallpapers

For wallpapers, Zedge wallpapers is a great app for iOS users. It is one of our favorite app of all time. The story section in this application is amazing.


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